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Jenna Abriola- I am a freelance translator, and native English speaker, residing in Bogotá, Colombia. I was born and raised in Connecticut,  USA and in 2012, I made the move to Colombia to begin my career as en educator at an international, bilingual school. Now, with 8 years of experience abroad I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the language and the culture. Working in a bilingual, multi-cultural setting showed me the need that exists for high quality, dependable translations.

Mission Statement


Provide Spanish to English translation services with the intention of connecting communities, ideas, and cultures. Committed to providing high quality, dependable translation services from Spanish to English in an agreed upon time frame. Will work closely with the client to provide a translation that meets your needs, and expresses the message correctly in English. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any inquiries regarding your translation project.

Education & Experience

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Extensive, year-long program in Spanish- English translation. Included practice with a variety of texts including literary, commercial, legal and media.

Elementary Ed. Masters

& Certification


Over 8 years of experience in the field adds a distinctive touch to any documents related to pedagogy.

B.A. English Literature

Spanish & Writing Minor

Aside from the working and living in a bilingual environment, the opportunity to formally study both English and Spanish has allowed me to hone important skills in these languages.

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